Celebrations are a time to show loved ones that you care. Sending the right gift takes time and thought to get the sentiment just right. Here at The Gulab Jamun Company we can testify that our indulgent treats leave a lasting impression.


In celebration of any special birthday, our Gulab Jamun gift boxes make the perfect gift solution to thank your guests for being a part of your special event. The gift boxes can be personalised with your very own thank you message & designed to coordinate with the theme of your event.


Our rose gold boxes make a delicious accompaniment to gift alongside the invitation for your special event. A sweet treat for them to divulge in ahead of the excitement of the forthcoming celebration.


Lohri is one of the most popular Punjabi festivals and is typically celebrated on 13th January. In India it is associated with the start of the harvest season. It is a particularly happy occasion for newlyweds and for newborns – girls and boys! A lovely celebration with loved ones and the perfect time to give a gift of Gulab Jamuns.


Eid is a significant occasion for the Muslim community marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Eid is a time of celebration, time to give gifts and also to have celebratory food in the house to offer guests. We can customise your gift boxes with an elegant Eid Mubarak ribbon to honour this special time.

Raksha Bhandan

Our delicious Gulab Jamun would make the perfect gift for Raksha Bhandan. It is a time for sisters, brothers & even close friends to celebrate their love and respect for one another. Treat them with this indulgent dessert!


The word Diwali comes from the word Deepavali, meaning ‘Row of lighted lamps’, one of the most famous and largely celebrated festivities in India and across the world. Treat your family and friends with mouth-watering Gulab Jamun to celebrate 'The Festival of Light'.

Private Events

Would you like Gulab Jamuns as the finesse finishing of your private event or party? A scrumptious way to end your dinner with a bang. Served with a generous portion of gelato or simply served warm, our Gulab Jamun will certainly leave a delicious taste with your guests!

Corporate Events/Gifts

We can cater for your corporate event/gift - sending a sweet Gulab Jamun gift to your clients or staff - you’ll be very popular as our indulgent Gulab Jamuns always bring a smile. We can add personalised tags with your company logo/message.